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Banga Multispeciality Hospital in Mandi

Banga Multispeciality Hospital of Mandi city, seems to be the first Hospital in the entire Himachal Pradesh, which provides both MRI and CT Scan Facility Earlier, there was CT Scan Private Setup, but recently the hospital has installed the MRI Equipment and both CT Scan Private Setup and MRI Equipment are the first setups in the whole Himachal Pradesh.

Banga Hospital Mandi
Source: Banga Hospitals

The first venture of its kind has the two twenty five bedded patients, and equipped with modern facilities with alternate health care options which is backed with the advanced diagnostic back-up, facilities of the MRI, CT scan, and many other routine investigations. These hospitals were established in the remembrance of Late Dr. Avninder Singh, who had given a great service to the mankind.

Services of the Banga Hospital in Mandi

This Multispeciality hospital houses many specialists or professional doctors who are experts in the sphere of Medicine and Surgery, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics, Pediatrics and Gynaecology,  Radiology and Pathology, as well as the Ophthalmology and Dentistry, etc.

Banga Dental Services Mandi
Source: Banga Hospitals

There were also some major and minor surgeries, general and private wards. Hospital also offers 24 hours emergency services, as well as the Intensive Cardiac-Care and Intensive Infant-Care, along with 24 hours drug store and Ambulance services. Apart from the Central Piped Oxygen supply, there is also a facility of  the Stretcher Lift at this Hospital.

Also, Mobile Ultrasound Ambulance facility has been given to the people to assist them, where a Radiologist houses a modified Temp Traveler, along with a Ultrasound Machine, as well as the Generator, and a Computer, along with an examination couch.

Equipments in the Banga Hospital

Banga Hospital hires large numbers of equipments, such as MRI, CT, Echo Cardiography, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Endoscopy, Hematology and ECG Laboratory under a single roof. Also, the hospital do not compromise with the quality of the equipment; the Banga hospital has high branded equipments to give best care to its patients. The hospital has been putting a great effort to meet the population of the village.

Comparable Prices in the Banga Hospital

One must also know that, the rates offered by these hospitals are very competitive, compared to other good hospitals and institutions of the large cities throughout India.

There are excellent reporting standards which are given by the qualified Radiologists. Doctors and Specialists will be hired most often in this hospital. There are specialists such as 'Dr. A.R. Mohite', 'M.D. Radio-Diagnosis' and 'Dr. Kedar Athawale', as well as the 'DMRD', and 'DNB'.

There are also other consultants namely, 'Dr. Sandeep Banga', an Endoscopist; 'Dr. Manjul Sharma', an Echo-Cardiography; Dr. Kajal Mohite, a full time Pathologist, works in the center. Along with these consultants, there are also other employees like 'Mr. Ashish Mathew', CT technicians; and 'Mr. Rafiqe', Radiographers. Apart from these, there is an MRI technician, 'Mr. Biranji' and some other four Laboratory Technicians.

Contact Details:

Mandav Hospital
City: Mandi,
Pin Code: 175001, (Himachal Pradesh)
Phone: 0190 522 1922 / 0190 522 1923

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