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Triloknath Temple of Mandi

One of the ancient temples located in Mandi includes the Triloknath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva (main deity) and also resembles his consort Parvathi Devi, along with the Nandi (a Bull) inside the Temple. Also, the temple comprises of some other deities such as the Sharada Devi (Goddess Sarasvati – Goddess of Knowledge or Intelligence) and Narada (Son of the Creator of Universe ‘Brahma’).  Apart from these deities, there are several deities in the same temple of Trilokhnath (Lord Shiva – a destroyer of the Universe).

Wherein, this amazing temple was constructed at the Purani Mandi (Old Mandi) during the year 1520 by the Queen Sultana Devi (a queen or wife of Raja Ajar). Triloknath temple of Mandi has many excellent features with extraordinary architecture.
Mandi Triloknath Temple

The temple of Triloknath is graced by 3-faced idol of Lord Shiva; due to which, the temple is famous as Trilokhnath (Ruler of 3 Lokas – Pataloka, Bhuloka, and Brahmaloka or Deva Loka). Loka meaning ‘World’; while, Pataloka is the world under the ground; Bhuloka is the present world we live in; Brahmaloka or Devaloka is the world of God.

Architecture of the Triloknath Temple in Mandi

It is blissful to see the attractive 3 faces of Lord Shiva; thus, many tourists visit to see the beauty of the idol as well as the architecture of the temple. This temple has a Shikara style which constitutes a square Garbhagriha (a small room inside the temple, where idol of the main deity is kept), as well as a spacious Mandapa. A complete three faces of the stone idol of Lord Shiva along with Mata Parvati on the lap of the Lord Shiva. 

The exterior or the outer wall of the holy place displays a ‘Pancha-Ratha’ plan which has images of the Lord Maheshwar, Mahisa Mardini and other dancing figures. The antrala is exceeded by a Sukanasika mounted by a ‘Bhadramukha’, where the image of Lord Ganesa is displayed on the Lalatabimba (Antrala), a carved fluted column that shows a trefoil. 

Beauty of the Triloknath Mandapa

The Mandapa seems to be in rectangular shape with Sikharas on the elephant cloth (four-sided corners). The roof of this Mandapa rests on the four pillars, and besides there are tiny illumination devoted to the Lord Shiva and a pond.

There are also small nickels which decorate the exterior walls; while, there are two balconies to display the horse riders which seems to be an amazing scene upon the lateral sides. Above all, is the textile that displays the musicians and dancers. Saivite dwarpala was carved on the sides of the wall to guard the sanctum, and abundantly carved door-frame of the holy place, that includes Sakhas decked with the human figures and floral springs. There are certain sculptures which are kept inside the temple and have a huge antiquary value. With the architectural and historical importance, Triloknath Temple has become a great tourist spot.

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